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How to choose a laminate for wallpaper?

by miamigardens

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People who decided to make repairs previously dream of an exquisite interior. But any transformations will be considered unfinished if they do not affect such an element as the floor. After all, it is inseparable from the room.

However, you do not need to highlight it, but only emphasize. Hence, many have a question regarding the color scheme and generally how to choose a laminate to the wallpaper.

Please note: there is nothing complicated here. A little preliminary training, and you are a master in combination of color shades.


How to choose a laminate, focusing, first of all, on the color of the wallpaper?

To choose the right laminate, look at your wallpaper. Determine how rich the color is and what is the shade.

Warm shades – sunny colors: orange or yellow. From here and choose the color of your future flooring. It should be red shades: orange, golden, etc. P.

Cold shades – blue, white, gray or even green. In this case, there are two options. Either you buy a laminate of the same green shade, or white color.

Tip: Be careful with a multi-color option, the floor should be in harmony with something in your room, for example, curtains.

White and beige walls are perfectly combined with a reddish tint of the floor. From a dark shade of cherry to pink. (for example, maple).

The main thing: walls and floor should not be absolutely identical. Eyes do not perceive such. Ideally, the difference of the wall from the floor by 3 shade. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that the floor is dark. Paul can be much lighter.

Buy reference literature on this topic and carefully study before buying. Try to clearly imagine your future atmosphere and – forward!

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