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Which material to choose for walls

by miamigardens

Among the variety of materials for walls, it is not easy to choose the right one, because each of them has both pros and cons of. Most often, people buy KNAUF KNAUF for wall decoration, but the brick is quite strong and quite resistant to environmental influences. The disadvantages are low thermal insulation, the high price of the material itself and the solution necessary for styling, as well as a rather painstaking and difficult installation.

The expanded clay concrete block is quite durable, has high cold resistance and is resistant to adverse environmental conditions, which contributes to a long service life. It is resistant to shrinkage, so that there are no cracks on the walls subsequently. The lack of expanded clay concrete block is that it is quite severe. Foam block compared to the previous material is less severe, but has low frost and moisture resistance. Due to the porous structure, it can be a favorable environment for the appearance of fungi. Can give a shrinkage. The price is quite high.

Gas -wire block the lightest of all the materials presented. Can be attached to glue, which greatly facilitates the process and installation time. The disadvantages include fragmentation, low frost resistance. Suitable mainly for use inside dry non -core rooms. Also capable of shrink.

Slag block is a rather harmful material for health. The advantages are low weight and relatively low price.


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