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In the suburbs they will also be allowed to turn on red

by miamigardens

Last week, an experiment began in the capital, which allows you to turn right to the red light of a traffic light, and now these rules want to introduce these rules in the Moscow region. The collection has already begun all the proposals about exactly where it would hang the green arrow in order of the experiment, and the regional governor himself Andrei Vorobyov already spoke out to support this initiative.

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“All experimental sites should meet some requirements – there should be excellent visibility, there should not be pedestrian crossings in the direction where the right turn is planned, and there should also be no previously established additional traffic lights,” said the head of the Moscow Combat Center for Summia Alexander.

Such green arrows can appear in large cities near Moscow – Korolev, Dmitrov, Odintsovo, Zheleznodorozhny, Serpukhov, as well as not the intersection of tracks with a Moscow large ring.


According to some experts, this experiment is ill -conceived and unsafe. President of the Board of Legal Protection of A car owners, Victor, drew attention to the fact that these arrows are contrary to the legislation, t.To. In the SDA and the Administrative Code they are not spelled out. GOST allows the use of non -standard arrows and markings in the form of an experiment if they do not provoke traffic violations. There is a way out – on traffic lights you can install an additional section with a constantly burning green arrow, but now a cheaper way is used – a drawn green arrow.


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