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by miamigardens

What leads to the development of new technologies. What is interesting foam concrete? Is it possible to put up with shortcomings?

Construction, as a big compromise.

The more construction technologies develop, the more you have to agree with such a fact that almost any construction is a certain compromise. A compromise between the main criteria – price and quality, speed and efficiency. Alas, sometimes such compromises are laid at the stage of designing buildings.

After all, already at this stage you need to determine the material from which the house will be built. Indeed, for example, projects of houses from foam concrete cannot be the same as projects of stone houses, for a variety of reasons.


Advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, foam concrete, as building material, has a number of advantages. This is the price and heat capacity and high manufacturability in the manufacture. That is, in order to make the required number of foam blocks, the factory conditions are not needed at all. They can be made almost in a regular workshop, or even in general – in the open air. And, if for the owner of the future house the price of building materials is a determining factor, then in this case the choice will be made, of course, in favor of foam blocks.

To say that this material has no shortcomings, it is impossible. However, strictly speaking, such materials in nature do not exist. Any building material has such shortcomings. They just need to be taken into account just from the design stage.

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