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How to put the floor correctly

by miamigardens

Before laying any coating on the floor (linoleum, kavrolin, laminate ,, parquet, etc.D.) It is necessary to leve the floor. For many who make repairs on their own, this is a big problem. But it is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to adhere to certain rules. And it is better to do such work at least together.

Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare the surface. To do this, it needs to be cleaned of dust, paints, and other garbage. It is also necessary to close all the cracks in the base, as it can lead to a leakage.

If your half is curved by 1-2cm or you need to fill the hollows in the floor, then in this case you can buy a self-leveling mixture. It is quite expensive but you should not save on it.

If you have a curve floor, then you can’t do so easy. First you need to remove the entire old coating and remove garbage and dust. Then take the laser level (if there is no one – I advise you to buy), put it on the highest part of the floor and see the red line, which we mark with a pencil or chalk.


The next step will be the installation on the floor of the beacons, you can take guides for drywall, fix them on the floor at a distance of 60-80cm, and so that they coincide in height with our marks.

Next comes the moment the floor filling. A special mixture should be kneaded. It is best to use dry building mixtures. They uses non -suction cement, and small sand is also added in good mixtures. After you mix such a mixture of water, it spreads well and evenly on the surface. Dry mixtures have their own advantages: they quickly dry (you can stand on the surface after a day), the coating is strong and smooth.

Sometimes the mixtures are poured in two stages. There are two types of mixtures for this. The first layer will be the mixture for the initial leveling. But such mixtures are not smooth. And in order to make the floor smooth pour a layer of the finish mixture. The finish mixture is applied with a layer of a thickness of a few millimeters. Such a mixture forms a very even and smooth coating.

The option is still not so troublesome and dirty, t.e. Without the use of the mixture. To do this, you can use the sheets of the CSP – cement -stoves.

Paul preparation is the same. We draw a line of alignment and lay the base for the floor. We spread the boards evenly (using the level) and attach them to the floor as strong as possible forever so that the floor does not "go". On top we spread the sheets of the CSP, which are preliminarily cut to the size of the room, and fasten them with self -tapping screws to the base of the floor. At the end, check the half level.

That’s all, your floor is ready.

The pluses of bulk floors. Any coating can be laid on them: carpet, tiles, laminate, parquet, etc.D. It is also possible to install the floor heating ("warm floor"). The coating is very durable and does not change the height to the ceiling. But there are also minuses. This is a rather complicated technological process from which a huge amount of dust and dirt arises. Long enough complete drying, for example, to put the tile, you need to wait about a month.

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