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Metal can be artistic?

by miamigardens

What can be considered a product of creativity? How difficult it is to engage in artistic casting? What stages in manufacture can be attributed to creative?

A person’s desire for creativity, in general, is natural. Not for everyone, of course, but this does not change the essence. And everyone has this tendency. Just some found their talent, while others did not. Well, in life it was not possible to cross with the type of activity from which, figuratively speaking, the soul will sing! Bad luck.

But those whom we attribute to the creative people, such as artists, musicians, poets, writers, crossed with their talent. And the fruits of their creative work, we are happy to consume. And no one has a doubt that the book, picture, music are creativity.

But the paradox of our thinking is that sometimes the real creativity of many, as such, is not perceived. Why? Most often either from a lack of information, or from that, relatively speaking, can be called stereotypes.


Take, for example, the artistic casting of brass is creativity? This, sorry, art? Many respond negatively from the fact that brass is metal. And since metal and casting, then this is production, not creativity. But dear ladies and gentlemen, and in order to create a form for casting, you first need to “give birth” to the idea of ​​this form! We need to imagine how the final product should look like, say, a flower or openwork fence. And for this it is not enough to imagine, you need to draw it to a start, in the form of a sketch. Then this sketch is embodied in an intermediate form, and only then to the one in which casting will be produced.

So, the latest operations are already a technology in its purest form. Although it is possible to spoil the product, strictly speaking, at any of these stages. That some successfully do. But the first two – the initial idea and a sketch on paper – this is just creativity, and a very high level. After all, just drawing on paper is one. And drawing, taking into account all subsequent operations, is much more difficult. And not every person who knows how to draw well is able to do it!

Perhaps that is why today there are so few real masters in artistic casting in general and in working with brass in particular. Talent is needed, let’s say, in two planes at once – purely artistic and technological. And this is already a rarity. Therefore, let’s value cast products from brass no less than poems or paintings ..

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