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These cars are good both on the asphalt and on the lane part 2

by miamigardens

An interesting offer is also Mitsubishi Outlander. A lot of space was provided to the driver and passengers, and, having decomposed the third row of seats, you can additionally take two passengers. The car is equipped with a control system for all wheels, thanks to which the driver can configure the drive type himself – an economical 2WD or for off -road – 4WD Lock. A vehicle with a clearly expressed accent of an SUV is a 5-door version of Suzuki Grand Vitara. The car has excellent stability: the rise angle is 29 degrees, the descent is 27 degrees, and the side roll is almost 20 degrees. For such outstanding indicators, the car is light enough – 1700 kg. The salon provides a comfortable journey thanks to the multimedia station, Bluetooth and leather upholstery seats. Convenience will also provide a Ford Ranger pickup, among other things, air conditioning, rear -way chamber and voice control system of devices. The car feels excellent off -road thanks to powerful engines (150 liters.With. or 200 l.With.) and a drive for 4 wheels. On the platform you can transport cargo weighing up to 1.5 tons. You are interested ? Optimal prices! Details on the Zoperevozki website an interesting offer is Mitsubishi L200, which is equipped with a Super Select 4WD system, a trajectory of trajectory of tractry and traction control, as well as cruise control. In the Intense Plus version, the car is equipped with automatic air conditioning, a steering wheel sheathed with skin, 17-inch alloy wheels and chrome mirrors. For those who value power, Nissan Navara can be an interesting offer. 2.5-liter diesel develops 190 liters.With., A 3 -liter engine – 231 liters.With. The car in the standard is equipped with a navigation system, a reverse chamber, a two-zone climate control, a rain sensor and front heating sites. As you can see, off -road lovers who simultaneously need a city movement at the same time have a really large selection.

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