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We become more!

by miamigardens

How are those who are closely in their apartment? What are the options for expansion? What should not be forgotten when arranging a balcony?

What to do when it becomes crowded?

Dissatisfaction with its living conditions, a significant part of the population arouses the serious work of thought – how to make the living area increase? Someone only sighs disappointedly, and begins to just dream, someone is trying to sell something to gather for a new apartment, and those who are used to seeking a little results, but guaranteed and quickly, pays their attention to the balcony.

Of course, this is far from news – to make an additional living area out of the balcony. It is the residential because the cluttered pantry made from it almost everything! And living area – this means that in winter it should not be very cold and there should not be extra things there!


So that it is not cold!

Therefore, the balcony from the open space should become closed. But without light in the living room, it is boring, therefore, a reasonable question arises: which windows to the balcony? After all, they must, on the one hand, fulfill their main function – to pass sunlight, and on the other – to become reliable thermal insulation in winter. And this means that the design of the windows themselves and the technology from the installation should imply this circumstance – the high heat capacity of the system – “windows – wall”. After all, for the most part, a brick wall is placed on the balcony. Therefore, you need to look not only windows, but also reliable material for the outer wall, where these windows will be installed.

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