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How to finish the room with panels?

by miamigardens

If you want to quickly and inexpensively change the interior of your room, then you can use the wall panel of plastic.

Plastic panels for walls can be laid in several ways: vertical or horizontal lines, a Christmas tree, in the form of brick masonry or frame. Horizontal masonry will visually expand the space, and vertical – visually increase the height. You can use several different colors when decorating, and even create geometric patterns on the walls.

First you need to calculate how much the material will need. You need to know exactly the size of one panel and, according to the area of ​​the walls, calculate the right amount of them. The material should be taken 10% more – for unforeseen circumstances. Next, you need to cut the panels of the desired length. If the ceiling height is not the same everywhere, then the panels must be harvested no more than two pieces. We fasten the first panel to the frame, securely fixed with nails with brackets. If the masonry is vertical, then the installation starts from the corner, setting the first panel in terms of level. We insert the second panel into the grooves of the first panel and also fix it with brackets. We continue to work around the entire perimeter of the room.

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