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How to care for parquet

by miamigardens

Parquet floor is simplicity in cleaning. The dust is removed by a vacuum cleaner or a broom, wet cleaning is carried out with a squeezed rag. These measures will not harm the varnished coating. Even accidentally spilled water, if it is soaked in a timely manner, will not cause much harm to the coating.

If you plan to lay a parquet, then, in addition to other tools and materials, you will also need a weld of weld. The company "OPM" offers a large assortment of welded stilettos at low prices.

The main enemy of the parquet is abrasive substances, mainly sand. The cluster of the small particles is scratching the parquet, and the appearance of many small scratches will lead to loss by coating of the original shine. Poles and re -varnishing of the parquet cannot be called a cheap event, so it is much easier to take preventive measures.

As a prevention of the occurrence of defects of the parquet floor, a rug should be laid at the entrance, which will protect the room from sand from the street. It is advisable to walk in home shoes around the house. It is recommended to glue the furniture legs with a soft cloth. The humidity in the room should be in the range of 40 – 60%, t. To. With an excess of moisture, the tree absorbs it and swells, with a lack – it dry out and cracks.


Small scratches are eliminated by recovery paste, the main purpose of which is the cosmetic repair of the parquet. The material is applied with a spatula and smoothed out well, all excesses are immediately removed. Deep scratches can only be eliminated by closing the coating.

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