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by miamigardens

The Serbian International Enterprise Tarkett currently is one of the leaders in the world market for the production of parquet board. The success of the company is ensured by a combination of many years of impeccable experience and the most modern technological innovations from the field of coverage for gender. In addition, the company combines more than two dozens of modern level of production centers. Tarkett parquet board is supplied in more than 100 different countries throughout the world space. It was the company Tarket of the first in the world that developed and patented a rigid three -layer design of the parquet board, thanks to which the enterprise took the leading place in the production and flooring markets.

One of the most important steps in the production of the Tarket parquet is a drying of a tree using the latest vacuum condensers. Thanks to this technology, Tarkett Copemania products are suitable for use in any climatic zone. Tarkett advanced technologies are also used in such an indicator that is important for the parquet board as the convenience of the T-Lock lock system, developed and patented by manufacturers in a specifically for this type of product. The peculiarity of such a B-lock is a special angular lock, which ensures a tight joint of the lamellas of the parquet board and the reliability of the connection of the panels is observed under the influence of constant pressure.

Not so long ago, Tarket began to practice the use of a completely new, environmentally friendly (made on the basis of water), acrylic varnish coating with increased wear resistance, which gives the Tarkett Parquet to the beauty of the appearance and protects the parquet from damage.

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