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Bathroom repair

by miamigardens

Here you need to immediately ask yourself a question. Can you completely re -equip the bathroom without the help of masters?

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The stages of the repair of the bathroom:

Stage first. Completely remove tiles from the walls and prepare the walls for a new life. At the first stage, you do not need to know anything, and you do not need special tools. If you have not bought a punch, then it’s okay. Instead of this tool, a hammer and chisel is suitable. The only minus of the hammer is – the cost of a large amount of time and effort. If you have already begun to remove tiles, be sure to not forget to remove all the glue from the wall on which this tile was attached.


Second phase. If your house is quite old, and you have never changed the pipes, it’s time to do it. At this stage, it will not do without new plumbing.

The third stage. Mark the surface of the wall, and also start laying tiles. With the help of an amazing element – a water construction level, you can mark everything you need. Start from the lower level – from the floor. Because it is from below, you will begin to lay the tile. After that, it is worth taking glue and apply to a spatula, and apply it very carefully to the wall. Put the tiles on the wall, but in no case do not press it, since after all the work you will have to level the tiles. Cover the surface in rows. You posted the first row. Now you should mark all the seams with crosses. This is done so that everything is equally even.

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