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The main criteria for the formation of rental housing prices

by miamigardens

For each novice businessman who decided to engage in entrepreneurship in the field of renting residential real estate, knowledge will come in handy about how the adequate and optimal price of the services provided is formed. Such knowledge will help to correctly form a plan of activity, rationally calculate their financial benefits and future investments.

So, the main criteria for the formation of the price of the rented apartment include the following:

– The state of demand. For owners of real estate, it has long been not a secret that certain periods of the year are characterized by increased demand for renting out residential apartments, and sometimes a complete calm occurs in the real estate market. This may be due to climatic conditions, the school period of visiting students, the tourist season, etc. D. If we talk about real estate in cities and countries popular among tourists, it is worth noting that, for example, housing rental in Lithuania will cost much more than in Belarus, due to various factors: visa regime, architectural monuments, entertainment and abundance of shopping centers and the abundance of shopping centers and the abundance of shopping centers. T. P. All this should be taken into account when calculating rental prices.

– General condition of the rented housing. We must not forget about the truthful description of the state of the apartment or apartments in ads for newspapers, advertising messages on the Internet and other sources of information about the sold real estate. Such a step will significantly save both its time and the time of potential customers. To form an adequate perception of their living space, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with other similar offers and be sure to attach photos. This approach will determine the total condition of the housing offered by the market and the real cost of its rental, as well as quickly find potential customers.


– The price depends on the number of future residents and their social status. The delivery of real estate to students or seasonal workers can provide increased profits, although, undoubtedly, unpleasant surprises in the form of increased wear of certain interior items, furniture, household appliances, etc. D. This approach will practically not provide significant benefits.

– Less rental for rent. Urgency must be affected by pricing policy. With short -term housing rental, the price per day will always be higher than if the shooter remained for six months or a year. This is due to the fact that with hourly or daily delivery of housing, the landlord can never be sure that the next hour (day) will be in demand and paid for the visitor.

The article was prepared based on the site materials for the search for daily housing in Lithuania .

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