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The film “Key”

by miamigardens

The film "Key" was shot back in 1983. The time has passed since the debut has convincingly proved the artistic value of this tape. The distinctive handwriting of the director Tinto Brass is to unfold certain psychological subtexts.

The plot of the film, which, according to critics, an erotic novel, talks about one of the Italian families. After twenty years of family life, the professor-artisign Nino still loves her very beautiful wife Teresa. However, the eighteen-year-old age difference between the spouses begins to affect, and the wife begins to secretly dream of his daughter Lisa’s daughter. Everything secret becomes obvious, and Nino, tormented by jealousy, even more dreams of his wife’s attention. The attending physician Nino warns him that a sick heart may not withstand, and all sexes are prohibited.

The wife’s exit finds the diaries in which they describe all their intimate desires and thoughts. The key to the table Nino and Teresa is specially left in such a way that everyone can read someone else’s diary. Upon learning from the diary that Teresa was such a lover Laszlo, Nino does not bother her in anything. Experiencing deep gratitude to the judge, Teresa gives him a passionate night.

The feature film Tinto Bras was shot according to the novel by Junyitirotanizaki. Despite a huge number of most frank erotic scenes, the film is not remembered at all. The director makes an emphasis on all -spent love and trust between spouses.


Some pathos of dialogs and scenes do not spoil the picture at all, on the contrary, it is in them that the unique charm of this picture lies. Connoisseurs of beautiful erotic cinema will definitely appreciate the erotic "key".

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