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Installation and connection of gas pipes

by miamigardens

For gas pipelines in which the cross section does not exceed 12-2, then in such cases it will be more advisable to use sebaceous pipe with thread or the so-called seamless pipes.

For underground gas pipelines, the most optimal option will be bituminous, steel, seamless pipes, as they have a special jute shell and the most suitable threaded connection. No less common are bitomized and steel shells. Very often in modern gas pipelines, the joints of steel pipes and threads are connected to each other according to the same technology as the pipes of water pipelines. This technique is called as otherwise, as the technology of fittings. Its essence boils down to the fact that two light welded tubes are welded to each other, and the so -called bell -shaped joints are compacted in the likes of sewer pipes.

As a sealant, a material based on hemp fibers is used, which is previously impregnated with linseed oil and olifa. It is not advisable to use seals at all, which, for some reason, will subsequently complicate, or prevent the natural process of disassembling pipes.

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