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We change under the influence of technology!

by miamigardens

How new technologies affect a person? Why Shurovyrt began to enjoy such popularity? What changes in the work when using it?

But what about hard work?

There is an opinion that technological progress corrupts a person and makes him lazy. The most unpleasant thing is that to some extent it’s true. Cars and generally transported many people to walk a lot, and computers have repelled many people even a desire to write something with a pen or pencil.

Something similar happens in construction. For centuries, men twisted the screws with an ordinary screwdriver, and did not particularly complain about fate. But technological progress came, and such a miracle as Shurovyrt appeared. And, given the fact that the prices on the site is a practitioner, for example, do not scare at all, many opt for this device.


Internal conflict with external convenience.

Indeed, those who at least once tried to spin a dozen or two screws through this device no longer want to return to traditional technology! Well, I don’t want to use muscular power, even if not just a screwdriver is in the hand, but, say, a screwdriver of Bosh! Of course, it is very convenient, but the efforts still have to be used! And the screwdriver, albeit more severe, but no effort to twist does not require. I just inserted the sting into the screw head, pressed the button – and that’s it, the matter is done.

One comforts that this device also reduces the operating time. There is something to make excuses!

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