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Interior decoration using metal

by miamigardens

Metal can perfectly be combined not only with modern materials (glass, plastic), but also with natural trim (wood). To decorate the room with a gloss with a metallic one, you can resort to materials as:

Metal panels that can be used both in the decoration of the bathroom and the corridor, and in the kitchen, on the work wall. The decor is used in order to create combinations with other finishing materials, for example, in zoning the room, when highlighting the accent wall.

Metal tiles that are used in non -residential rooms, both for the floor and for walls. The tiles may be based on porcelain border, its price is not high, but a thin layer of aluminum will be covered on the front side. It will look unusual when combined with tiles of other colors, or with other shades of metal.

Mosaic made of metal. With the help of small pieces of metal, you can create a monolithic surface, as well as an original pattern that will perfectly fit into the decor of the kitchen, the corridor, and the dining room, and the living room of the room. This type of decoration has a lot of its advantages: decorating non -standard structures, is not afraid of moisture, temperature difference, original decoration of furniture, creating unusual ornaments and panels.


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