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What types of concrete are?

by miamigardens

One of the most not replaced by the construction of materials is concrete. The spectrum of its use starts from the foundations for country sheds and ends with grandiose engineering projects. There are a variety of brands and types of concrete with different cost and popularity. But what is the best way to buy concrete if you are not a professional builder?

This question begins to torment everyone who begins to build their own bath, country house or bridge leading through the ditch to a countryside.

First, let’s divide concrete into two main types:

Fine -grained


Coarse -grained

From the name it is clear that concrete is divided by filler.

Filler – a material that serves to strengthen the future structure. Usually these are crushed stone, expanded clay, brick battle, reinforcement and other similar elements. For fine -grained concrete, a aggregate is used with a diameter of grains of not more than 10 millimeters.

Such concrete has a number of properties necessary to create complex structures and small elements. In narrow cracks and cracks, not large excavations and bends of elements, without fine -grained concrete, you simply can not do. So it is used to create small foundations and complex structural objects.

In turn, a large aggregate gives concrete increased strength, which allows you to use it in the construction of houses, bridges and overpasses.

Divide concrete in the same according to the characteristics of the strength. This parameter is extremely important when erecting residential buildings, bridges and other objects with direct people or permanent burden. The price of especially strong views is usually higher.

If you, nevertheless, are going to buy concrete on your own, without involving a professional, then you need to decide for which you take it. A very common mistake is a misunderstanding of what the product will be used for and what are the purpose of the acquired material. In the best case, you will spend more money by buying an unreasonably expensive brand, in the worst – your construction will tolerate fiasco.

In fact, when choosing a type and brand of concrete, it is best to seek an advice to a professional. Knowing all the nuances and subtleties is not only not possible, but it is also not necessary if you are not a professional builder. If there is no opportunity to find a specialist, consult with a seller engaged in the delivery of concrete.

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