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The main stages of repair of upholstered furniture at home using professional companies

by miamigardens

Repair of upholstered furniture includes several stages, one of which is the choice of new upholstery. Leather, velor and other furniture fabric, which totals a huge number of samples, can serve as a material for fuckers. The main condition for high -quality repair is the appeal to professional workshops that can perform any kind of work.

The experience of such companies allows you to breathe a new life into a seemingly hopelessly spoiled and outdated upholstered furniture. Advanced technologies allow for any repairs, including the replacement of the moving parts and mechanisms, and the restoration of paints and varnishes. Buying a new headset is not always justified and profitable. And in the case of antique species, there are no options at all, except for restoration and hauling. Repair specialists can not only update the appearance of sofas and seats, but also give them a completely new shape and design.

Services such as repairing upholstered furniture at home are also included in the field of activity of repair organizations. As a rule, small volume repairs are carried out at home, and if necessary, more complex manipulations with furniture are usually transported to a special workshop. The cost of work will depend on the size of the headset, its defect and selected upholstery materials. A convenient calculator for calculating the cost can be found on the website of the company "Obivochka", which is engaged in all types of repair work of upholstered furniture and uses the most advanced technologies to carry out this process. Ordinary chairs, sofas and kitchen corners – all these items can be restored at home or production workshops of the company.

Simple or partial types of repair and upholstery are usually carried out at home from the customer, if it is convenient for the latter. To make changes to the design of the repaired furniture or replacing the failed parts, it is delivered to the workshop by the company itself, which carries out upholstery or repair. However, sometimes it is not possible to remove furniture from the room due to its large dimensions. In this case, sewing upholstery covers and other work is carried out on the territory of the company, and the installation and equipment of the new upholstery, the necessary elements are carried out on the territory of the customer.


Upholstery and hauling of upholstered furniture is a more profitable and appropriate option than buying, since you can refresh the interior of the room and get updated furniture that is practically no different from new models for a lower cost.

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