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Electric welding how to learn to cook

by miamigardens

Nowadays, welding is used almost everywhere, especially valuable for private use. If a person has appropriate skills, then he can create the most incredible things, from an independent manufacture of hedges to garages.

In the creation of a variety of non -nonsense structures, welding takes first place. Due to heating, various metals acquire a plastic shape, as a result of which molecular connections that have high strength and this will be welding for their money. e. for cost and without overpayment.

Today, thanks to various types of modern technologies, it is possible to use laser, electronic rays in welding work. But for private use, electric -arc welding is more reliable.

There are several welding methods, however, a gas -press is considered more used, which has significant productivity and is used in oil and gas industries, as well as contact, which operates in electric current means.


Selection of equipment for welding

If you decide to purchase a welding machine, then today’s market can represent the most diverse models of different manufacturers that can boast of the presence of certain functions. Thanks to equipping a certain device, welding machines can change the current strength, which is an undoubted plus.

Today there are transformer with alternating and direct current, semiautomatic devices and inverter welding devices. If you are a beginner, however, you want to achieve an excellent even and neat seam from work, then it is best to make a choice in favor of the inverter apparatus.

Do not forget about safety safety measures, so in order to protect yourself from burns, you should also purchase a shield, mask, tarpaulin gloves, as well as a canvas dressing gown.

Instructions for welding

Before starting to welding, make sure that the welded surface is clean. Next, it is necessary to insert the electrode into the holder of the apparatus to create an electric arc. The gap between the arc and the welding surface should be no more than 5 mm. If you will adhere to a certain gap all the time, then the seam will be perfect.

Remember, in order to get an even and beautiful seam, you must adhere to the angle of the rod of 70 degrees, while the electric current should be stable.

After you finished welding, the seam must be cleaned. As soon as you master some types of welds, you can begin more difficult work.

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