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Shell or brick

by miamigardens

For several decades, builders have been arguing on the topic of which it is better to build a house – shell -brown or red bricks? Brick is good because it is not too afraid of fire and is available in the northern regions, especially where there are many swamps.

A shell, especially producing in the southern seaside regions, is very remarkable for its fortress and warmth. That is, even in severe frosts, the house in one shell will perfectly maintain heat. By the way, now the Kahrs oak parquet board is often used is not very expensive.

These were the advantages of both materials.

Now about the minuses.


The brick is unequivocally very cold and a house in one brick is not a house, but a barn for a hozing.

The shell is incredibly solid and score a nail into it or screw a self -tapping screw for many, and not a matter of one minute.

The brick house is easily destroyed by a large amount of moisture, while the shell was most of its history in the water and spent it, and it originated in it.

Brick is easier to lay or disassemble, but it should also be taken into account that the brick house is useless in the sea climate with fierce winter storms.

Based on your own experience, it is best to prefer Kerch (not Bakhchisarai!) a shell. The material is as durable as solid. It will be difficult for you to build a house out of it, it is difficult to produce any restructuring and repairs. But the reliability of such walls will be undeniable.

And one more thing: high -quality brick, high -quality shells cannot be cheap. If you are supposedly offered “quality material” for half the price, then know that in principle it cannot be of high quality.

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