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How to repair masonry

by miamigardens

Work begins with a showdown, which is carried out alternately from both sides to a depth of about half the brick. The remaining masonry must be washed with special cement milk and then lay out the disassembled part with a full -bodied brick for cement. In severely damaged walls, the thickness of which does not exceed half of the brick, a complete disassembly of the masonry is performed, with its further restoration. In cases of emergency condition of the building (or during reconstruction), brickwork requires a complete replacement.

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In this case, temporary racks (metal or wooden) are initially installed between the window sills and the jumpers. If the width of the piers exceeds 1 m, then 2, or even more racks are installed, which are included in the work using wedge -shaped lining.

New masonry is made of brick, whose brand should be 100 and not lower. Horizontal seams are made thin and reinforced. The subtlety of the seams is achieved due to the fact that the laid brick is tightened tightly. A gap (approximately 4 cm) remains between the jumper and the upper part of the new masonry, which is subsequently checked by a solution of cement. Sometimes, in order to ensure a more tight fit of masonry, steel wedges are driven into the still soft solution, which is removed when the solution gains 50% of the strength.


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