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It will never end?

by miamigardens

When a dream is a country house. How long does the state of happiness last? Why glazing is one of the most common operations?

It’s good or bad, but a person rarely is completely satisfied with his life. It would seem, after all the torment of a big city, when a person finally receives such a welcome peace of a country house, what else can be desired? Rejoice in life and enjoy what you have!

The first couple of months most are in this condition and are. But after some time, interest begins to manifest in those companies that offer glazing cottages, for example. Well, of course, a completely open veranda is good only in the summer, and what to do in winter? Or even late autumn? Comfort Soul requires! And in full ..

No, today plastic windows for a country house are not the problem because of which joy in life is lost. It’s different. Where is the guarantee that after the veranda takes the desired look, there will be no desire to improve something else? Attic, garage, clearing in front of the house? Or the roof without windows will not seem so modern?


Alas, having once begun transformation in your life, it is extremely difficult to stop. And this is not always bad, you just need to remember that if we are talking about a country house, then this expense item, with a similar approach, can easily turn into a “black hole” …

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