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How to make a one room apartment more using design?

by miamigardens

One -room apartment is a rather small room for the family, especially if a child appears in it who also needs its own space.

Proper zoning of the apartment when decorating the interior can make a corner for everyone to appear in the apartment.When zoning the interior of the apartment, you need to take into account the interests and habits of family members living in the apartment.

As a zone separator, heavy furniture should not be used, cluttering space – it is better to use the game of color and light. For example, the dining room can be distinguished by bright wall colors.Perfectly separate the space of the screen and curtains. The main thing is that they coincide with the general design of the interior of the room.

To divide the apartment into zones, multi -level ceilings can help perfectly. For apartments with high ceilings, this solution is suitable as possible. The podium will look great as a dividing element. He can add a functional load by hiding a bed or shelf into it.


Difficult, but not impossible, to create a zone for a child in one room, because it will constantly change in accordance with the age of a growing person. It is important to correctly distribute interior items correctly.

For limited space, furniture is perfect – a transformer that will save from the need to often buy new furniture items.In zoning the apartment, the main thing is the functionality of the objects that will fill it.

DIY drywall ceiling will also make pleasant changes to the overall interior of the room. With it, you can visually increase the space for greater comfort and comfort. Try and you will understand how great it is to have just such a ceiling!

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