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Interior design ideas in Provence style and recommendations

by marusia

Naturalness and comfort, sophistication and airiness – all this is characteristic of the Provence style. It is not surprising that this style in the interior has been popular for several centuries.

Provence style, also known as French country, is distinguished by the use of light and pastel colors and floral patterns. Together with experts, we found out what other principles to follow to make Provence look organic in the interior.

In the form of individual elements in the interior, this style originated in the 17th century in France with the advent of fashion for buying holiday homes in the provinces. Provence then seemed to balance the strict urban classicism, not inferior to it in luxury, but allowing more interior liberties.

Provence is also known as rustic style or French country. It is maximally focused on naturalness, all the main emphasis is on natural materials. Another feature: furniture and accessories are made to look antique and, if necessary, are specially treated for an aging effect.


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