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Granite and marble countertops

by miamigardens

The modern market offers many materials for the production of countertops. A prominent place among them, thanks to the chic appearance and durability, occupy marble and granite countertops. These two materials are perhaps the most expensive among all the others that are produced by countertops, but the price for them is fully justified.

As a rule, marble countertops are installed in the bathroom, and granite in the kitchen. Distinctive features of granite are durability, high strength, a wide selection of color design and resistance to chemical effects. It is for these reasons that it is more often used in the kitchen. In this room, the remains of wine or vinegar, or other pollution, which are very difficult to remove without the use of chemicals, can remain on the countertop. And the marble countertop can easily be damaged, say, with a knife. Therefore, for the kitchen, the number one choice is a granite countertop.

Marble countertops have a porous structure and therefore do not become slippery when getting wet. The surfaces were covered with marble in ancient Rome, so even at that time people noticed bactericidal properties behind marble, which improve their health and prevent its diseases. Marble countertops can also be used in the kitchen, but in this case their surface must be covered with special means to protect against chemical and mechanical damage.

When ordering a marble or granite countertop, it is worth considering the fact that stone slabs, as a rule, have a length of 2.5 to 3.5 m, and width up to 2.5 m. Therefore, your new countertop can consist of different fragments of the plate. This is not a marriage, just such is the method of production of countertops. The countertop looks like one whole thanks to the joints of the material in invisible places and the use of strong adhesive composition, which is tinted in the color of the material. In order for the joints not to appear after a while, it is often necessary to wipe the surface. This is especially true for the countertops of light tones.


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