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Choose a film warm floor

by miamigardens

When buying an apartment or a country house, you can not guess that it has a cold floor. You will find out about this in winter when you decide to take a walk barefoot in the middle of the night.

It is logical to make the floor warm. With minimal costs. But how? Modern infrared film floors allow you to quickly mount the warm floor.

To do this, disassemble the floor covering, put the film, connect, test and put a laminate or other coating back.

However, how to choose a film warm floor so that it serves for a long time and the floor is really warm?


1. Fame of the brand. The cooler the brand, the more it has a choice, the easier it is to choose what you need.

2. Study the packaging-if you were delivered a warm floor through the online store, carefully check the integrity of the packaging and information on it.

3. Film warm floors are not used in the floor screed. The film is corroded from the alkaline composition of the screed and quickly fails. Therefore, carefully study what the manufacturer writes. If he lies in this smallness, then whether he should trust him?

4. The thickness of the film should be at least 0.3 mm, be sure to ask a certificate of testing on the breakdown of isolation and the presence of an anti -icric grid – it completely eliminates the possibility of fire, even if a breakdown occurred.

5. Check the Film itself for defects. There is at least one – urgently change to another.

– The film should be “stripes”, in no case with a whole piece;

– There should be a clear, not a lubricated transition between the stripes;

– branded packaging for the film itself and components.

6. It is better to buy a whole set so that then do not buy anything. To the kit of the film floor, you need to buy a thermostat and heat -refracting substrate.

7. In order not to accurately purchase counterfeit, check how the logo is applied on the package. It is applied by the factory way. The packaging also has a protective sticker – when damaged on a protective sticker, an inscription appears.

8. Do not buy what the first fell by the arm. Take products of only trusted manufacturers from trusted sellers.

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