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Vinyl wallpapers

by miamigardens

Recently, more and more often vinyl wallpapers are used for wall decoration. This type of wallpaper can be called the right to be economical and durable. Vinil – high -quality material, which is the basis of paper or non -woven, on which a polyvinyl chloride mass is applied. By adding various components to the polyvinyl chloride mass, you can achieve interesting options for the texture of the wallpaper. Wall gluing the most common way to decorate your interior.

At the moment, 4 types of such wallpapers are widely used – a smooth vinyl coating, a solid vinyl coating, silkography, foamed vinyl. Each type has its own characteristics, therefore, before the acquisition of a particular type of vinyl wallpaper, it is necessary to find out in detail about the distinctive features of these types.

Vinyl wallpapers, compared with many other species, have many positive aspects. Such wallpapers can be safely used in rooms with high humidity, for example, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. Also, in case of contamination, these wallpaper can be cleaned with a detergent and sponge. All this is possible, thanks to the water resistance of the wallpaper.

Such wallpapers favorably differ from their competitors with high wear resistance. Another advantage of vinyl wallpaper is their light resistance, they will not fade and lose color.


Among the shortcomings of vinyl wallpaper, their air permeability can be distinguished, as a result of which the wallpaper, as they say, do not "breathe". As a result, it is not recommended to use vinyl wallpaper for pasting rooms intended for long -term stay and rest.

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