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Italians boasted a new sports car

by miamigardens

Ferrari, despite the high demand for the California sports car, which in six years has acquired at least 8 thousand speed lovers, prepared models of the successor – Ferrari California T. The creators showed a new car in their homeland, in the city of Maranello. The main demonstration of the car should take place at the Geneva salon in a month, but, apparently, the designers were eager to boast of a novelty. For the first time in more than 20 years, Ferrari equipped their sports car with a turbo engine. A double turbocharged unit from Maserati Qttroporte was taken as a basis. Engineers slightly modified the 3.8-liter gasoline and received an installation that develops 560 liters. With. High -quality repair and diagnostics of the Skoda engine, of course, will help the Czech car achieve maximum recoil of the motor, but it is unlikely that a completely different class car will need the sports power of the Italian, which “gained weight” in a torque of up to 775 nm. GPP Ferrari California T – a semiidiapas "robot" with two clutches. The manufacturer assures that the new machine differs from the predecessor with greater efficiency. Fuel consumption in Ferrari California T is reduced by 15% and is not more than 10.5 liters per 100 km of path. The updated sports car has become a little larger than the "older brother". His dimensions increased by only a few mm in height, length and width, but at the same time he “threw off” 10 kg and began to weigh 1.652 tons. The maximum speed of California t, compared with an earlier model, increased by 6 kmh is 3.6 seconds.

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