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by stage guidance to action part 2

by miamigardens

If there is damage on the body of the paintwork above the perimeter of moldings, then you need to paint. Moldings are a decorative element in the car in the form of a false convex plastic bar. If the damage is below, then it is necessary to clean the rust, cover with anti -gravity. Anti -grades are used to protect the paintwork of the car from, small stones, asphalt crumbs, sand. You can paint with the help of bonos and it is not necessary to select the color as much as possible. Painting on anti -gravity below will not be noticeable. All small holes are masked by a “hairy” putty. It contains synthetic fibers and designed to eliminate through holes. Small damage around the hood perimeter can be hidden by the hood deflector (“flyfold”). The car body should be equipped with mirrors, moldings, fog lights. It is better to buy details b.u., the price is not high and not so different against the background of the entire car. What to do with a suspension? If possible, make sure that there was no knock. Everything that dangles and plays must be squeezed and pulled up. Change only if it is not possible to eliminate knocking. Into broken ball supports, stabilizers under the boot Pug thick oil. If there are oils on the nodes, then they are well syringed. Bottom below where it is necessary. Movil’s protective action is very effective. It prevents the penetration of oxygen, and water to the surface of steel and protects it from corrosion. Small through holes in the bottom are sealed as follows: along the perimeter around the hole, the metal is cleaned with a metal brush to shine and then covered with mastic. Next, linen is glued to the hole and a layer of mastic is applied on top. Three layers of such a puff "pie" and you are in "Chocolate". You can on profitable Cianm on the site: .Denkos-Infiniti

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