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Loft style in the interior: what you need to know and tips

by marusia

A loft is an apartment in a former industrial building, converted into residential space. The style retains certain characteristics of the original room: high ceilings, large windows, open plan, external communications, brick walls.

The loft is characterized by minimalism, practical furniture and the use of a neutral color palette in the interior.

Communications as part of the interior composition

The loft style has American roots. It originated in the 1940s in New York City in the industrial areas of Manhattan, when empty factory buildings began to be sold for next to nothing. The web magazine about design Minimalism writes that artists and musicians have actively gravitated to former industrial areas. The new owners did not remove the wooden beams and iron structures from the ceiling, did not hide the pipes, did not finish the brick and concrete walls, they saw a special urban charm in this.

Today, open communication is one of the main features of style. Pipes, beams, ducts and wires are often left in plain sight. They are used as a decorative technique that helps to recreate that very industrial atmosphere.


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