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Odessa will respect Lithuanian memory with a name street

by miamigardens

Boris Litvak was an honorary citizen of Odessa, not to mention the fact that he was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine, as well as a honored coach. This person has done a lot for the city and its inhabitants. Odessa news https: // zachem.UA/ report that this public figure will appear in the city. So far this is only a project, but the deputies of the regional council who will consider it at the nearest session are very optimistic.

It is worth recalling that many residents of the city have already spoke about the fact that Boris Litvak deserves to be named in his honor. He loved his hometown very much and gave him a lot of effort and time, and therefore this would serve as gratitude and would help to perpetuate his invaluable contribution to the development of Odessa.

The question of renaming one of the streets in honor of Boris Litvak was raised at a meeting of the historical-toponymic commission in 2016. According to her recommendations, the name of this outstanding person will be called Zaslavsky Street.

Useful historical certificate


Litvak was awarded the title of one fifty of the most influential figures of the city according to the local edition "Focus". A little earlier, in 2011, Boris Davidovich was awarded a jubilee medal.

The title of Hero of Ukraine was awarded Lithuania in 2007. The president of the country was noted by his contribution to the defense of children with disabilities. In addition, for many years, Boris Davidovich was actively engaged in charitable activities. That is why Odessa residents advocated that his memory was immortalized on one of the city streets.

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