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House from foam blocks

by miamigardens

Houses structure technologies are improved, and materials for construction become high -quality and modern. Penobitan blocks in modern construction have established themselves very well.

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This is high -quality concrete for the construction of plates, staircases. Vinyl siding or brick is used for lining at home to give it a presentable look.

Penoboton blocks are produced according to the following technology: sand, water and cement are mixed, a mixture adds to the solution – a foaming agent for foaming. This solution is poured into forms, after time it freezes, and then it is sawn into foam blocks of a certain size.


Cellular concrete – porous material – there are a number of advantages.

Excellent thermal insulation, expenses are reduced by 30%. There is no need to spend money on expensive heater.

The thickness of the row, only one masonry.

A favorable microclimate is created. The material is environmentally friendly.

The level of radioactivity is 7 times lower than in brick.

The advantages of foam blocks.

1) high soundproofing.

2) simplicity in construction. Thanks to this, construction requires less effort.

3) not a very large mass. The mass of foam concrete is much less than the mass of dense concrete or brick. Penoboton block weight – 5.9 kg. With its dimensions, foam block replaces three dozen bricks. This allows a massive foundation not to lay down.

4) good strength and durability. Foam concrete is not afraid of whims. It will withstand more than 35 freezing and defrosting cycles.

5) passes water vapor. The material removes dampness outside its walls, and various harmful substances.

6) resistant to chemicals. Penoboton has the first resistance against fire is very high.

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