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How to choose a suspended ceiling?

by miamigardens

Most designs of this type, presented today on the market, have a variety of colors and shapes. Indeed, today there is a large selection, and buying suspended ceilings will not be difficult. But for this it is necessary to understand what criteria and parameters the product you have chosen must meet.

Materials and properties

In recent years, suspended ceilings made from natural materials are becoming increasingly popular. Such products contribute to the improvement of the overall microclimate in the room. It is worth giving preference to models, in the production process of which metal, wood, basalt, gypsum or quartz were used.

In addition, you should pay attention to the following product characteristics:


Fire safety. A high degree is guaranteed when choosing metal or gypsum products. If you buy wood ceilings, make sure that they are saturated with a special substance, which is a firefighter.

Environmental Safety. Household health – above all. The composition of the products should not have harmful substances, as well as emission properties. Give preference to gypsum, wooden, metal and basalt canvases.

Aesthetic attractiveness and functionality. In this matter you should rely on your taste. If you want to get an original designed room in accordance with all the requirements for a specific style, the choice of suspended ceilings should be entrusted to the designer.

Thus, thanks to the tips presented in the article, you will be able to choose the right product.

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