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The recycling program helped to sell about 75 thousand cars

by miamigardens

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation decided to use cardinal measures to ensure sales of new cars. For this, a special program was developed that was able to interest many citizens, which served as the program successfully began to work.

According to the points of this program, everyone on favorable terms can purchase a new car. Favorable conditions are understood to be considered a discount provided to customers. In other words, everyone can buy a completely new car with a good discount. This program is especially in demand on the GAZ website.Sparz2, where the most questions were asked about the acquisition. However, in order to become a participant in the program, it was necessary to hand over your used car or the car is not needed by anyone, for example, the one that has been in the courtyard for many years.

How the ministry told, thanks to this program, about 75 thousand cars have already been sold. Also, leaders-concerts under the program were also highlighted. These are AvtoVAZ, GAZ and other foreign auto industries.

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