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Why the child is lying?

by miamigardens

The fantasies of any child need to develop, so a lie is a necessary means of achieving this goal. When a child comes up with a lie, he involuntarily trains his imagination and develops ingenuity. Therefore, do not punish the child for the first naive "fairy tales".

The ability to achieve your own with a lie is inherent, as a rule, adults. It turns out that the children’s lie is an indicator of growing up. Generation of modern children begin to lie at a very early age, switching with hysterical and tears to a sophisticated deception.

“Syndrome of a glass vessel” is a vivid example of children’s confidence that parents can see the child’s actions through. But over time, a little man understands how incorrectly this belief. This is where the lie begins.

Curiosity and the desire to go around the prohibitions of adults pushing the child to the composition of various kinds of fables. The kid, thus, plays reality, learns to adapt to life and its turns. Such a lie cannot be regarded as malicious deceit.


Children rarely resort to lies for no apparent reason. Most often these are problems associated with the communication of the child and parents. Will help to eradicate a lies with a simple improvement in family relationships. In addition, parents should not give the child a bad example, resorting to lies.

Children, like adults, use different types of lies: a) lies-affection, implying the desire not to offend a person; b) lies for the purpose of silence, designed to hide the truth; c) justified, protecting the interests and safety of another; d) unacceptable, uttered to obtain personal benefits and lies for the purpose.

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