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Evacuation and emergency lighting

by miamigardens

Safety issues in emergency situations are very worried about modern man. That is why all the buildings under construction are equipped with fire safety systems. The premises where there are many people during the day: office and shopping centers, educational institutions and so on are necessarily equipped with signs, pronouncing where there are ordinary and emergency exits, so that in case of an emergency it is clear which direction to move.

That is why autonomous evacuation lamps are invariably in demand. Modern superflower options are fluorescent or LEDs, so they consume a minimum amount of energy. They are distinguished by heat resistance, which is very important when a fire occurs, the material from which the body of evacuation LEGRAND evacuation lamps is made – selfless. Their management takes place remotely, therefore, the responsible for the fire or other type of safety can centrally turn on all the lamps at once, which will allow people to quickly navigate in space and leave the unsafe room. The service life of the LEDs, which equip the evacuation lamps – 100 thousand hours.

In accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, inscriptions or pictograms can be applied to evacuation lights. In autonomous mode (in case of disconnecting electricity in the building), such lamps can function up to three hours. During this time, people will have time to leave the premises, and the EMERCOM brigade is to carry out the necessary work.

Evacuation lamps can be attached directly to the walls or ceiling using frames, or on special brackets (as lamps with a bilateral review are fixed).


Evacuation lighting is located at each of the doors intended for exit, on the stairs, highlighting the rises, at each intersection of the corridors to direct people in the right direction. Also, the presence of such lighting devices is necessary in underground parking, which are often equipped under office centers.

Ground parking must have an autonomous lighting system, which is turned on in cases where the usual one, for some reason, ceases to function. Otherwise, when entering the parking lot, an emergency situation may arise and a chain of the tow truck will be required to take damaged machines.

There are state standards governing the intensity of lighting at each object. When they are performed, the safety of people and technology is ensured.

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