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How to deal with dampness in the apartment and the method of struggle

by miamigardens

The most common methods for combating high humidity and creeping dampness along the walls are climatic devices that help absorb excess moisture in the apartment. The most universal assistant is a drainage of air, since it is very convenient to use, it can be easily transferred from the bathroom from the kitchen, or used in the room on the windowsill where the entire condensation is assembled, also overalls are used in the kitchen to make overalls to. And also the air cleaner is no less popular, this device has many functions that allow not only to clean the air, but to ionize and cool, and that it is important to drain air.

It is very important to know that after eliminating the cause of dampness and mold in the house, it is necessary to start fighting the mold itself. And for this you need to, wash off the mold from the surface, scrape all irregularities from the surface and dry the wall. Of course, you can still use chemicals, but it must be remembered that they are very poisonous, so you need to be extremely careful with their use.

Such a problem is often faced with people who live in old houses, especially the problem of the first floors, since it is not always very close a dry basement. And if such a problem exists, you definitely need to fight with it. Dampness has a very poor property to influence human health, causing various chronic diseases, so immediately as you found mold in your apartment, begin to fight with it immediately.

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