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by miamigardens

Granite is a natural stone, and this stone is endowed with very special properties. Borders are made from granite. Plate and paving stones are very popular among professionals. They have a high water absorption. Have high resistance to frost and various pollution. These materials well withstand a large load and serve, for a very long time without losing their original appearance.

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Granite paving stones is a special element of road and landscape construction. The granite border supplements its same border and it serves as a framing element of its stacked area.

Granite slab is a popular material for suburban and urban construction. The granite plate is used to design exterior, as well as interiors and are used in landscape design. The slab is granite, as well as the paving stones frost -resistant, high -strength and hardy. No special care is needed for her. In a granite slab, the surface can be either smooth or textured.


Granite paving stones are simply not replaced for landscape design and, of course, construction. This material is used for the paving of alleys, paths, areas and other things. The granite border is also considered a demanded material. He, as well as the paving stones are very hardy, reliable and wear -resistant.

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