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Setting the floor under the laminate

by miamigardens

To align the floor under the laminate, first of all, you need to withdraw the level. For this, a tool is used – water level. A mark is made on one of the walls. Having put one end of the water level to the mark, marks are made around the entire perimeter of the room.

When this measurement step is made, you will have to decide on the level at which there will already be a finished floor. and calculate the thickness of the laminate, sand pillow and actually slag-concrete screed.

In my case – the thickness of the sand pillow is 5 cm – because the soil is wet, and the sand serves as a waterproofing barrier.

The thickness of the slag-concrete screed is also 5 cm, it is with such a thickness that it withstands a load of about 1000 kg per 1 sq. m., which is more than enough in my country house.


The laminate laying thickness thickness is about 2 cm, depending on the thickness of the laminate.

The procedure for conducting work is simple: we fall asleep sand, and align it to one level. It is convenient to use the old mop or T-shaped structure, whipped with two trousers.

In order not to trim it, just soak the sand pillow with water.

Next, we make a solution in a proportion of 1 to 3 to 5 (cement, sand, filler, respectively. As the last component, you can take a slag, or expanded clay, or another if desired. Smooth the solution with an even layer. In order for the dry screed to be laid as much as possible, it is best to use the beacons that are installed on the sand pillow.

After the concrete dries (about 30 days), you can take on the laminate. If there is no time to wait 30 days, then you can add a plasticizer to the solution, and dry the screed, turning on the heating in the room, or special hair dryers.


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