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Wall decoration in the bathroom using wallpaper

by miamigardens

Sometimes, especially recently, you can notice a new trend called wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper. Many might think that this is impossible, since wallpaper does not like moisture, but in fact there are solutions of solution and they are called fiberglass wallpaper or washing wallpaper.

Washing wallpapers look great in the bathroom and can create any room design. Of course, such wallpapers are quite calm about moisture, and they are not afraid of it, and everything would be fine, if not for the joints, between these very wallpaper and walls. When moisture falls on these very joints, it negatively affects the wallpaper and therefore their service life is often short -lived.

Fiberglass wallpaper is not as popular as washable and have a large price, but at the same time they have a huge number of positive characteristics.

They can be made with an incredible design stake. They can serve for 30 years, while they can be repainted up to 20 times. Beautiful from hygiene, as they can be cleaned not only with a rag and water, but also not abrasive detergents and brushes. At the same time, they do not attract dust at all, so you need to clean them not so often. They are completely safe from an environmental point of view, and therefore their contact with water will not harm human health!


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