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The history of the development of a digital DVR

by miamigardens

The era of analog devices, which for a long time served people faithfully, rolled to sunset, giving the opportunity to be born digital technique. These are progressive technologies of the future, but it can already be said, has come. Today there have appeared devices that we could only know about only by films – digital DVR. They owns a fairly large niche in the market for video surveillance systems. The main requirements for them are reliability, flexible settings system, practicality. Despite the fact that today they have a lot of very diverse functions, the requirements for them continue to grow every day. Such a success that digital DVR has today contributed to a number of factors. First of all, this is the need to convert into digital form of video signals. This would keep information on hard drives, the capacity of which has already reached colossal sizes and continues to grow. Such progress allows you to abandon video tapes. Digital registrars who came to us in the form that everyone is well familiar, went a long development path. The technologies of their production have experienced a change of several generations: from hardware devices to digital DVRs that make it possible for a continuous archiving mode of video information synchronously sound, transmission of data on a real -time mode, synchronization with previous generations devices.

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