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Repair of the kitchen ceiling

by miamigardens

Repair of the kitchen ceiling requires a special approach. In addition to the main and all acquaintances of stripping and painting procedures, there are many other ways of ceiling decoration. The ceiling in the kitchen, as in other rooms of the apartment in Korolev, can be ordinary, suspended, stretch and drywall.

You can create a wonderful ceiling in the kitchen in two familiar ways: create a new coating or updating the existing. In both cases, you will have to clean the ceiling: remove the old layer of plaster and align it.

Suspended and fascinated ceilings are mounted on a metal or wooden frame mounted on the main ceiling. Wooden panels or drywall sheets are fucked to the frame. The suspended ceiling is always mounted using the supporting structure and drywall sheets. You can paint such ceilings, glue the wallpaper or finish with plaster, but they have a significant drawback – they visually reduce the space.

Stretch ceilings will help to create a modern interior in your kitchen, which have high strength and water resistance, in addition, they are inexpensive and easy to install. You can apply an art painting on such a ceiling or print a photo.


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