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Replacement of the front overall lamps on Chevrolet Aveo

by miamigardens

Replacing the front overall lamps on the Chevrolet Aveo Replacement of the front overall bulbs at first glance business is not cunning. In general, it is. But for the most confidence in the correctness of the actions and the sequence of this procedure, it is still better to familiarize yourself with theoretical information. First of all, you need to have a simple tool: a flat screwdriver, a wrench for ten (very preferably with a united head). The complexity of replacing the right and left lamp is different. This is due to the design features of the car. Let’s start with the left. Everything is simple here: for the convenience of access to the lamp, it is necessary to remove the neck of the liquid fluid tank. To do this, you just need to pull it up. Next, we find the lamp nest, turn it by half a turn clockwise and take it out. Then we remove the lamp itself, insert another and place it in place by analogy. There are special grooves on the neck of the tank, which, when setting it in place, should fall into the slot on the tank itself. Replacement of the right lamp is a more time -consuming process. Air filter interferes with access to it. And just to remove the lid will not be enough. So, you need to remove the whole box. If your family has a baby, then quickly cure, you can visit the site initially with a flat screwdriver you need to release the clamp on the tube, which is attached to the filter from the frontal glass. It is not necessary to completely twist the bolt. Disconnect the phone and proceed to the removal of boxing directly. It is attached with the help of three bolts, one of them is located from the headlights, and the other two with the opposite. If there is no suitable key with a rug head, then the first will have to suffer, because it is located in a poorly accessible place. After extracting the bolts, we take out a box with a filter and change the lamp according to the above scheme.

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