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Replacing water pipes

by miamigardens

Over time, the owners of houses have such a problem as replacing water pipes. The choice of the material from which water pipes are made is not an easy task. If you are not a professional in this, then you need to know any possible options, and choose the most suitable for your purposes.

The market has become widespread. These are metal, plastic, combined pipes. Metal pipes are cast -iron, steel, and copper. Cast iron are quite durable (up to 80 years), but they have increased fragility, and it is also quite difficult to adjust them to size. Steel pipes have increased strength and durability, but they have increased corrosion and it is quite difficult to mount them.

Copper pipes have great strength and durability (up to 100 years), but have a high cost. Plastic pipes are polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyethylene. They are cheap enough, easily mounted, have excellent performance characteristics. Metal -plastic pipes are made of modified polyethylene with the addition of aluminum foil, have excellent performance characteristics.

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