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Storage of building materials

by miamigardens

There are times when, for various reasons, it is necessary to suspend construction for an indefinite time. If most building materials are already purchased, it is worth thinking about their proper storage.

Fanding building materials. Typically, such materials as sand, gravel, crushed stone are brought in large machines and unloaded directly to the ground. The consumption of such types of building materials, as a rule, is quickly. But for storage, this method is not suitable. Fanding building materials should be stored away from reservoirs, not in large heaps. Sheets of iron or roofing material should be laid on the ground to prevent moisture accumulation. Around the heap make fences in the form of a drawer without a bottom. And cover with polyethylene on top. Now many began to choose PVC windows due to their quality and prices, they are much cheaper than wooden.

Storage of brick. Brick should be stored on pallets. Many make a mistake using roofing material or polyethylene. Such materials accumulate moisture, and the brick has the ability to absorb it, from which it is subsequently destroyed. Many suppliers of building materials usually bring a brick in a package that allows you to store it for a long time.

Dry mixes. Gypsum, cement, putty must be stored in a dry, warm room. Away from heating devices and water. Bags with mixtures can not be stored on the floor, pallets are suitable, and best of all shelves or racks.


Pilomaterial storage. Boards and beams should be stored, gently folded in a row. For ventilation between the boards, small barbar is put, this will provide good ventilation and drying of the tree.

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