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Laminate or linoleum which is better?

by miamigardens

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When choosing a new flooring, many have the question: “Which is better, laminate or linoleum?"

Laminate is an alternative to an expensive, presentable parquet. It consists of a sheet of fiberboard, on which special paper with drawings under wood or stone is glued on top.


Thanks to this coating, the floor will remain beautiful and reliable for many years. Another plus of laminate – it is very easily mounted. To lay it, you only have enough to read the instructions. It is placed by a floating way, snaping the locks of the planks among themselves. The laminate is a very durable material, is not afraid of heels or an accidentally fallen cigarette.

The laminate is divided into classes, with an increase in the class increases the wear resistance of the coating. It is also not recommended for styling in rooms with high cross -country ability (corridor, kitchen, etc. D.).

The second popular type of flooring is linoleum. Its cost is an order of magnitude lower, but practicality is in no way inferior to the laminate. The market presents a huge selection of colors and textures of this material, some options are almost impossible to distinguish from laminated coating.

When laying linoleum, it is necessary to align the floor, its complete cleaning from dust, dirt and moisture. Before laying linoleum, it is necessary to lie in the apartment in a detailed state for at least a day. It is recommended to glue this coating on the entire basis.

When choosing between laminate and linoleum, take into account the cross -country ability, its interior and family budget. With careful planning and knowledge of all the features of the issue “Laminate or linoleum, which is better?»You will not have.

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