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Finishing work tips

by miamigardens

When the main construction work is completed, it remains only to conduct external "processing" of the house – finishing work. After all, it is they who allow the apartment to acquire a residential look, where and I want to move the whole family and live in it.

It is extremely important to observe the correct sequence of finishing work. After all, the decoration plan is drawn up in such a way that all subsequent stages of finishing work complement the previous ones and positively affect the general transformation of the apartment: walls, ceiling, floor.

For those who want to engage in decoration of apartments on their own (not having such an experience before), it is advisable to adhere to the next plan:

1) Redevelopment of the apartment.


2) carry out electrical wiring, replace the pipes of sewage system and water supply. Here you will not interfere with the advice of choosing plastic pipes and fittings.

3) align the floor, make a screed.

4) Lease the walls, carry out a primer, putty.

5) carry out laying tiles on the walls (if necessary).

6) carry out laying tiles on the floor (if necessary).

7) make ceiling trim.

8) install doorways.

9) paint the walls, stick wallpaper.

10) put parquet, laminate or carpet.

11) finishing in the bathroom.

If you follow this plan, then protect yourself from the problems associated with the incorrect sequence of the stages of finishing work. For example, you can stain the carpet if you put it earlier than necessary. Or you will have to spoil the wallpaper if you forgot to pre -conduct the wiring.

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