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Preparation of the land for construction

by miamigardens

The beginning of the construction of a private house is always preceded by the preparation of the land for the construction process. You can start with the installation of a simple structure – shed. Although it is better to install a metal container instead of it, which is much more difficult to hack. For quick and convenient construction work, it is desirable to use electrical tools (sawmills, high -rise, saws, construction mixer, drill). If there is a nearby power line, it is necessary to carry out electricity to the site. A box is fixed on a clip, in which the electricity meter and the switch are placed.

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The most important issue in preparation for construction is the availability of a water source, which can not be done in any way. It can be a column or well. If there are no sources of water nearby, then you should make your well or drill a well. In the worst case, you will have to install a container on the site, which will need to be filled with periodically imported water. The project must be determined in advance. It is reasonable to distribute the site to the zones intended for the house, toilet, barn, water source, parking or garage, bathhouse. Then the site is cleared of grass, stones, stones. And only after all this is the foundation is laid.

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