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How to choose the right formwork

by miamigardens

In recent years, the construction of buildings based on a monolithic frame using formwork systems has become increasingly distributing. Monolithic constructions differ from others, first of all, by the special strength and a rather small volume of the consumed material.

That there is a formwork? The formwork is a design made from a load -bearing frame, slabs, stiffeners and fasteners. There are several types of formwork systems. About the choice of the necessary, we will now lead the conversation.


The material from which the formwork was made affects both the technical characteristics of the entire structure and the financial component, and this, of course, is of significant importance. The formwork can be wooden, aluminum, metal, polymer.


Wooden structures are the most inexpensive of the whole set of options. They are quite reliable thanks to glued wooden structure, but too hygroscopic, as the tree absorbs water well. Therefore, after repeated, or even one -time use, such formwork loses its shape, gets a lot of damage and gradually becomes unsuitable for use.

Resistance to wear of metal structures is significantly higher. But the same can be said about their value. For the manufacture of such systems, galvanized steel with powder coating is used. The turnover of this type of formwork can reach several hundred cycles. This design more than pays off its original fairly considerable price.

But the aluminum formwork is less durable, but it differs favorably with lightweight steel – it is easier than three. To increase the reliability of this system, aluminum alloy with other metals is used. The life lifespan of this formwork – reaches two hundred cycles. The best option for building a series of low -rise buildings. For example, cottage complexes.

But the operation of the formwork system made of plastic allows you to achieve an almost perfectly flat surface, since plastic does not absorb moisture necessary for the process of solidifying concrete.

In addition, such designs are very light, which makes it possible to significantly save on their loading and transportation.

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